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Doncaster carpet cleaners

We have been cleaning Carpets in Doncaster since 1985 , we also clean Rugs , Upholstery and Curtains. As one of the longest serving Carpet Cleaners in Doncaster and surrounding areas we are trusted by our customers to deliver quality cleaning at affordable prices.

My Name is Craig, I have over 30yrs experience in the industry and many hours of training, my daughter Nucharee has years of experience working in the company and also has many hours training under her belt therefore we are able to achieve the best possible results to save you money and keep your carpets and upholstery looking as good as new.

We are associate members of the NCCA, Woolsafe and IICRC.

Truckmount technology is the latest innovation in the carpet and upholstery world , not only is it far more powerful and able to provide a deeper clean than any portable machine on the market, it also doesn’t use your electricity thus saving you money, it is a totally self reliant piece of industrial machinery, which also heats the water far hotter than a portable which makes removing greasy soils particularly out of synthetic carpets much easier , meaning we don’t have to rely on harsh chemicals to achieve our objective, which in turn provides a safe environment for you , your children and pets. Any solutions we use are eco friendly which in this day and age is very important both to us and you the customer.

carpet cleaners in doncaster
Truckmount cleaning system

Carpet cleaning Doncaster

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carpet cleaning doncaster
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As a family we have almost 50yrs experience in the industry, when we started I was the son , we have now moved on a generation and Nucharee is the new me. We take great pride in our work , we aim to provide you with a top quality service for a reasonable price. Carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning is an important part of people’s lives and we try to make it as stressless as possible. Our expert training and wealth of experience coupled with the specialist cleaning methods we use help asthma sufferers and allergy sufferers have a better quality of life. We also treat any pet odours and completely sanitise each and every carpet we clean as well as every sofa/chair we undertake to clean too.







Here is Nucharee showing the power of the truckmount as it effortlessly extracts the soiling from this carpet in Doncaster

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carpet cleaners in docaster
Carpet Cleaning
carpet cleaners in doncaster
Upholstery Cleaning
carpet cleaners in doncaster
Leather Cleaning

Craig expertly restoring this suite back to new!

Upholstery cleaning in Doncaster

Sofa cleaning, in fact upholstery cleaning in general is far more complicated than it sounds therefore when we clean a sofa we make sure we identify the mix of fibres in each and every one, failure to do so can not only impact on the quality of the clean but also cause untold damage to one of the most expensive purchases you have to make for your home. There are now too many different fibres to list and different manufacturers mix them up in different quantities, failure to use the right solutions can cause colour run, colour change , poor results and even fast resoiling. We are proud of our reputation regarding providing excellent results and also the effort we both put in to keep up to date with new fibres and also the latest solutions and techniques. When the people of Doncaster and surrounding areas choose us to clean their upholstery they can relax in the knowledge that we take every care whilst restoring them to prestine condition.

Some of our previous work!

Look at some of our previous work carried out around Doncaster.

Nucharee Cleaning a wool carpet with our high performance truck mount system

carpet cleaners in docaster

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carpet cleaners in docaster
carpet cleaners in docaster
carpet cleaners in docaster
carpet cleaners in docaster
carpet cleaners in docaster
carpet cleaners in docaster
carpet cleaners in docaster
carpet cleaners in docaster
carpet cleaners in docaster
carpets doncaster
carpet cleaners in docaster

Reasons why you may need a carpet clean?

Even if your carpets appear clean, and you’ve managed to keep on top of certain stains, so they’re no longer visible to the eye, your carpets could still benefit with a professional carpet clean. Having your carpets cleaned by a specialist technician is the best way to ensure they’re spotless, healthy and capable of withstanding years of wear. There are numerous reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned across Doncaster and if any of the following reasons apply, it’s time to take a closer look at your floors!


Children make a mess as part of their daily routine. Sometimes it’s on purpose, and sometimes it’s an accidental, but whatever  the reason, stains like mud, food, paint and crayons find their way into your carpets. With their constant activities, children put a lot of wear and tear on your carpets and reviving those fibers is a task for the specialists.


Along with all the messes and stains children cause on your carpets, pets add more “mayhem” elements such as fur, muddy paw prints, drool and unpleasant “surprises.”


When you have tough stains that you haven’t been able to remove, it’s time for a professional cleaning. Although it may seem impossible for you to remove a stain, professionals have specialized equipment and detergents that can remove some of the toughest stains. To get rid of those tough stains, N and C have the professional experience to provide the best carpet clean Doncaster has ever seen!


The big holiday festivities are around the corner and football season is in full swing, so it’s time to have your carpets professionally cleaned to keep your home looking its best. For the biggest wow effect, have your carpets cleaned a few days before your next big gathering.

12 MONTHS SINCE LAST CLEAN                                                                                                                                                                                        

It’s  been over a year since the last cleaning, it’s time to enlist help. Cleaning your carpets at least once a year maintains their beauty and can increase the longevity of your floors.


If your home is one of the most popular places on the block and the central hub for family gatherings, having all those people in your home regularly can take a toll on your carpets. More people equal more dirt in your carpets, and professional carpet cleaning is necessary for keeping everything clean and healthy.


Professional carpet cleaning can breathe new life into even the dingiest, stained carpets. Regular vacuuming and spot treatments can’t compare to a full carpet cleaning of your home.


When you have your carpets cleaned at least once every 12 months and more often if necessary, it makes daily maintenance easier for you as you’re not fighting layers of dirt when you vacuum.

Those are just some of the reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned even if they look presentable to you. Have your home looking its best for every occasion by using N and C Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialist…

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carpet cleaners in docaster

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carpet cleaners in docaster

Recent work we have done throughout Doncaster...

Additional areas of Doncaster we cover:

 Adwick-le-Street, Arksey, Armthorpe, Askern

Balby, Barnburgh, Barnby Dun, Bawtry, Vue, Bentley, Bessacarr, Blaxton, Braithwell, Branton, Brodsworth, Burghwallis

Cadeby, Campsall, Cantley, Carcroft, Clayton, Clifton, Conisbrough, Cusworth

Denaby, Dunscroft,


Fenwick, Finningley, Fishlake

Hampole, Harlington, Hatfield, Hatfield Woodhouse, Hayfield, Haywood,

Hickleton, High Melton, Hooton Pagnell,

Kirk Sandall, Kirk Bramwith

Lindholme, Loversall

Marr, Mexborough, Micklebring, Moorends, Moss

New Rossington, Norton



Scawsby, Scawthorpe, Skelbrooke, Skellow, Sprotbrough, Stainforth, Sykehouse

Thorne, Thorpe in Balne, Tickhill, Toll Bar, Town Moor

Wadworth, Warmsworth, West Bessacarr, Wheatley, Wheatley Hills, Woodlands


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